Where to Find the Best Macarons in Boston

By Emily Millian
top view of blue Macarons in Boston
Courtesy of Solodko

Macarons may top the list of challenging pastries to create. Sandwich cookies of delicate meringue colored to match its filling flavor, they are time consuming to make and truly a labor of love. Typically made with gluten-free almond flour, don’t confuse them with distant cousin coconut macaroons. French macarons are light and airy, wonderfully sweet, and somehow both crisp and soft at the same time. Looking for exquisite examples of this eye-catching treat? Look no further than the best macarons in Boston.


boxes of Macarons in Boston from Solodko
Courtesy of Solodko

Solodko is a Ukrainian bakery in the heart of Brighton founded by Boston College student Ilona Znakharchuk and her sister Irina. Meaning “sweet” in Ukrainian, Solodko is known for beautifully intricate cakes and best-selling macarons. To make their multicolored cookies, the Solodko sisters use the Italian method, where egg whites are whipped and then boiling sugar syrup is added to stabilize the meringue. (In the French method, plain sugar is used in place of the syrup.) These delicate confections are available daily in flavors like chocolate-caramel and raspberry. 


Maca Macarons in Boston
Credit: Chris McIntosh

A business built on the macaron itself, Maca takes the dainty confection to the next level with unmatched ideas (have you seen these adorable characters?!). Founder Tamy Chung specializes in delightful desserts made in small batches at the Bow Market macaronerie, which gives regular opportunity for new and exciting flavors. Choose among the likes of Black Sesame, Honey Lavender, Matcha Green Tea, and Fruity Pebbles to fill your perfect mix-pack. (And most flavors are gluten-free!) Also keep an eye out for exclusive collaborations like Maca ice cream sandwiches. The shop also takes custom orders for cookies and maca cakes. 

Praliné French Patisserie

Praliné French Patisserie Macarons in Boston
Courtesy of Praline

With locations in Cambridge and Belmont, Praliné French Patisserie is inspired by founder Sophie Benyamina’s childhood in France, surrounded by artisan baked goods. The Central Square shop is brimming with various viennoiseries including croissants and cannelés, gorgeously decorated eclairs and fruit tarts, and of course, French macarons. Order the latter by the piece or in luxe boxes of four, six, or 12 macarons spanning luscious flavors and fillings, such as salted caramel, passion fruit mango, and dark chocolate. 

macarons from Lakon Paris Patisserie
Courtesy of Lakon Paris Patisserie

In just a few years, 2020 newcomer Lakon Paris Patisserie has made quite a splash with its internet-viral croissants. The Parisian bakery (which is named after pastry chef and owner Vichaya Kiangkaew’s hometown ) settled into Newton Highlands before Kiangkaew teamed up with Menton alums to open a second location in Brookline. It isn’t uncommon to see a line out the door from the Coolidge Corner spot—and it’s not just croissants that have the masses flocking to the local patisserie. Morning buns, eclairs, and macarons fill the pastry counter daily. Available in flavors such as pistachio, lemon, and coffee, Lakon’s macarons can even be found atop some of the legendary croissants, so there’s no need to decide between the two.

Formaggio Kitchen

macarons from Formaggio Kitchen
Photo: Emma's

For decades, Formaggio Kitchen was known for a trio of simply delicious flavors of French macarons, handmade by then-head baker Alice Southcott. Today, the indispensable stores—with locations in Huron Village, Kendall Square, and the South End—nod to the next aspiring business by sourcing Emma’s Macarons out of Waltham. Just like Formaggio’s original tempting treats, the flavors available keep it classic with options like pistachio, vanilla, and raspberry. Find more variety of the vibrantly colorful bites at Emma’s store in Waltham.

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