Where to Find the Best French Onion Soup in Boston

By Emily Millian
Where to Find the Best French Onion Soup in Boston
Ma Maison | Credit: Chris McIntosh

Name a cozier soup than French onion. We’ll wait. Traditionally served in a crock straight out of the oven, French onion soup is sweet, savory, and bubbling with broiled cheese. While a trip to France would be nice, soupe à l'oignon can be found across the world. From bistros to taverns, here’s where to go for the best French onion soup in Boston.

Lincoln Tavern and Restaurant

French Onion Soup in Boston served by Lincoln Tavern & Restaurant
Credit: Chris McIntosh

A quick stroll up Broadway from the eponymous Southie T stop, Lincoln Tavern & Restaurant is a mainstay covered in beautiful, exposed brick. A prime spot for watching the game with a big group, it’s best known for wood-fired pizza, pub faves like Spicy Wings served late, and everyday brunch creations. But Lincoln also takes its job seriously as a reliable neighborhood tavern, evinced by the menu-favorite rich crock of French Onion Soup, deeply caramelized and topped with garlic croutons and dripping gruyère cheese.

Exterior of Deuxave | The Best Restaurants in Boston's Back Bay
Credit: Brian Samuels Photography

Nestled on the corner of Massachusetts and Commonwealth avenues, Deuxave is a high-end go-to for a French fix and so many craveable moments, such as supremely roasted chicken and a hearty bowl of Bolognaise. Add to the list a decadent bowl of 9-Hour French Onion Soup. The name alludes to the care it takes chef Chris Coombs’ team to develop the flavor of the slow-cooked beef broth, which is enhanced with a bone marrow crouton and comte cheese. 

Ma Maison

Ma Maison serving one of the best French Onion Soup in Boston Beacon Hill
Credit: Chris McIntosh

Mosey through Beacon Hill over to Ma Maison to find an intimate dining atmosphere and dishes that have stood the test of time. Think luscious Country Pȃté, buttery Escargots imported from Burgundy, succulent Beef Bourguignon, and truly what we’re here for: fortifying French Onion Soup. With a white-tablecloth dining room and a robust wine list, this small French restaurant is romantic, but Ma Maison is also fit for a casual dinner, lunch, or weekend brunch.

interior of Juliet in Boston
Credit: Brian Samuels Photography

Somerville neighborhood restaurant Juliet is inspired by coastal France (with an Italian accent). That means it understands simplicity and the importance of executing refined dishes. Instead of an overflowing bowl dripping in cheese, Juliet’s French Onion Soup nestles a gruyére-covered baguette right in for a nice soak. The Union Square spot recently moved to a larger new location which gives even brighter, modern bistro vibes. The French Onion Soup made the move: it’s available on the nightly dinner menu as well as during Friday lunch. 

The Lexington

The Lexington French Onion Soup in Boston
Credit: Brian Samuels Photography

The anchor of the Cambridge Crossing trio of restaurants by chef Will Gilson, The Lexington is located in an airy, window-filled dining room with dynamite views. There’s French Onion coziness on the menu, but it’s not your conventional soup—nor really a soup at all. French Onion Grilled Cheese emulates the classic in sandwich form, filled with caramelized onions and covered in melted gruyére both inside and out. Served with a side of mushroom jus, this clever riff hits the spot with warmth and a vegetarian umami blast. 

Grill 23 & Bar

Grill 23 & Bar French Onion Soup in Boston
Credit: Grill23

The French Onion Soup at Grill 23 & Bar is simply mouthwatering. The steakhouse app is incredibly rich—simultaneously very sweet and super salty—topped with molton gruyére and house-baked focaccia croutons. It’s picture-perfect served in an adorable cast-iron crock, alongside excellently icy Martinis or a pick from the extensive, highly lauded wine list. Ask about a tannic match for the decadent soup, or heck—go for grower champagne

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