Bartlett's Farm

Where to stock up on vacation veggies-and so much more

By Catherine Smart

Bartlett’s is a farmstand like Disneyland is a theme park. William Bartlett moved from Marblehead to Nantucket in the 1800s, and today the same family manages more than 125 acres of cultivated fields and greenhouses, many of them organic. The fresh-picked produce on the plate at your favorite restaurant in town? It’s probably from Bartlett’s. In season you’ll find those same fruit and veggies on display here, both fresh and used in prepared foods, including rotating nightly dinner specials. The stocked gourmet grocer has everything you need for grilling, picnics, and entertaining.

Bartlett's Farm

33 Bartlett Farm Road, Nantucket, MA

  • Must Have


This is where you want to stock up for your appetizer spread. Bartlett’s has the best-curated fromage selection on the island.

  • Insider Tip

Bartlett’s offers an impressive array of quality canned beer, thanks to wine and cheese manager Leah Mojer’s tireless efforts to bring more craft brew (and beach parties!) to Nantucket.

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