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Not all pizza is created equal—but a pizza spot doesn’t have to be fancy or Italian to be truly great. A warm and welcoming spot in the South End with next-level-good comfort food, Picco proves that a fantastic pizzeria can make pies its own way while also turning out very American dishes like chicken wings, mac and cheese, and ice cream sundaes served in retro tulip glasses.

Here’s why we love it: Those chicken wings are oven-roasted, so each little well-seasoned piece is more like a bite of rotisserie chicken than a deep-fried bar snack. The Macaroni & Cheese is served al dente with a singed top and plenty of funk, thanks to the addition of four cheeses (including—take note!—Gorgonzola). At Picco you’ll feel equally at home bringing your kiddos, having a date night, or living your best life sitting solo at the bar with a great beer or glass of wine and an entire pizza just for you.

Speaking of pizza, not a single pie that exits the fiery oven overlooking the dining room will disappoint. Are you tired of crusts prematurely served with a timid hue of taupe? Picco’s pies and calzones boast dark, charred crust bubbles that grow so massive they nearly envelope the toppings, preventing molten mozzarella from oozing off the plate. We don’t know exactly how chefs here achieve that featherlight-yet-crispy-AF crust, but we’ve heard it has something to do with at least a day of cold sourdough fermentation and a 600-degree oven.

In a surprise to literally no one, we do not leave Picco without consuming some homemade ice cream. Dense and thick with thoughtful flavors, this is secretly one of the best scoops in Boston. Get it in a sundae glass with some fresh whipped cream to finish your meal—basic in the very best way.

Not a fan of an ultra-charred crust? Just let your server know. The kitchen will oblige and cook the pie a bit less.

Picco is small and it gets busy. You can try reserving a table via the website, but if it seems full, don’t be deterred. More than half of the seats in the restaurant (including the bar and summertime patio) are kept open for walk-ins.

Picco caters in Boston. Check the website for details and delivery neighborhoods.

Must Haves

  • You can’t go wrong. But don’t overlook the Alsatian. This twist on the French tarte flambée tastes like the best French onion soup ever joined forces with the best pizza ever and we are here for it. A Margherita is also a must if you want to live your pizza craving daydream (and Instagram it, too).

  • That same perfect dough stuffed with ricotta and your choice of three fillings. We stand by a sausage, roasted red pepper, and caramelized onion combo, but you do you!

  • Dress up this cheddar-provolone-Gorgonzola-Gruyère mix with your choice of roasted garlic, mushrooms, bacon, or sausage.

  • If you didn’t have some PB Chip or toasty-tasting Caramel Swirl to finish your meal at Picco, did you even have a meal at Picco?

Fun Fact

Picco translates to “peak” in Italian, but that’s not where the name comes from. It’s actually an acronym for “pizza and ice cream company.”

Tastes of Picco

So good we can't stop writing about it. Read more about Picco!

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