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Perhaps it’s the shelves of tinned fish, riveted steel, and snug quarters that make people liken haley.henry to a ship’s galley. But turn your gaze to the gleaming bottles that reside above the bar. Suddenly, the spot feels more like an oenophile’s loft than the kitchen of any sea-going vessel.

This gem of a wine bar in Downtown Crossing features gorgeous natural wines from the world over. Owner Haley Fortier and managing partner Kristie Weiss curate an eclectic 70-bottle list that’s full of organic and biodynamic beauties. They’re happy to talk about the winegrower behind every pour, and to suggest a crudo or charcuterie board from executive chef David Cavilla. The vibe here, like its funky-fresh soundtrack, is relaxed and always welcoming.

First-time guests become faithful regulars. They can’t get enough of quaffs in their purest, least-messed-with state. “Now they come in so many times and say, ‘I want you to pour me whatever you’re excited about,’” says Fortier. “They put so much trust in us.”

As well they should—haley.henry will help you drop anchor in new and delicious waters.

Wine from haley.henry

Can’t find a by-the-glass option that floats your boat? Commit to purchasing just two glasses, and the team will uncork any bottle on the list. “People have room to grow and really explore,” explains Fortier. “We’ve become known as the half-bottle bar.”

Be sure to check out Nathálie, Haley.Henry’s sister wine bar in Fenway, where all pours by the glass are crafted by female producers. Vive la femme! 

Vanquish the mid-week blues with a hot dog on Weiner Wednesdays. We adore the Chicago-style frank, heaped with peppers, onions, and a snappy pickle spear. It’s delicious with riesling.

Must Haves

  • On heavy rotation are the wines of Filipa Pato, a next-generation Portuguese winemaker who works with indigenous grapes like bical and baga. She crafts soulful, delicious pours by farming biodynamically and vinifying without additives. Pato and her husband William Wouters proudly market her wines as "vinhos autênticos sem maquilhagem"—authentic wines without makeup.

Tastes of haley.henry

So good we can't stop writing about it. Read more about haley.henry!

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