Q&A: Tainah Soares of Area Four


Brazil native Tainah Soares planned to be a bartender as early as high school, before she could legally drink booze—and the dream never died. She began working in hospitality, eventually getting a gig managing the bar at Pain D’Avignon in Hyannis. After stints at Alden & Harlow and Trina’s Starlite Lounge, local institutions famed for their cocktails, Soares joined the team at Cambridge’s A4cade and at Area Four in the South End, and now oversees the bars at both establishments.

Favorite Boston drink:

I recently visited Blossom Bar for the first time and am obsessed with the Big Sur cocktail (vodka, Licor 43, Cupuaçu, lemon). I hadn’t tasted Cupuaçu since I was a child in Brazil and seeing and tasting it on a cocktail was truly amazing. That Will Isaza!

First bartending job:

I started bartending when I made my way into the gem that now is long gone: All Asia. It ironically used to be two doors down from A4cade (where Pagu is now located). Let’s just say I’m back where it all started! It was a Chinese restaurant  turned rock bar. Most kids who grew up in the area and were in a band played there. It was loud, grimy, and awesome. I worked there for six months to save money to move to Costa Rica for the winter.

Favorite cocktail pairing:

Tacos and margaritas for sure. The acidity of the drink cutting through the flavors and fattiness of a pork belly or carnitas taco is, to me, the best food and cocktail pairing. Also tequila, duh.

Day off drinking destination:

I’m at Coppa for dinner and wine pretty much every week. It was already one of my favorite restaurants in Boston because of how cozy and friendly the staff always is (not to mention the amazing charcuterie and pasta), but since moving to the South End, I can’t stay away on my days off.

Dream customer:

Snoop Dogg. I’m obsessed with him (and Snoopy), and this is definitely one of my bucket list items! Hey Snoop, holler at your girl!

Desert island drink:

Definitely the Painkiller. I could have a million of those and not EVER get sick of it!

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