Q&A: Ezra Star of Drink

Brian Samuels

Given the inventive concoctions served at Drink, it’s hardly a surprise that the subterranean cocktail hub is helmed by a scientist. Ezra Star first moved to Boston to pursue studies in biochemistry, but eventually side hustles in the hospitality business drew the young student away from medicine and into bartending. She started at Drink as a barback in 2011, and has since risen to general manager. During her tenure, Star has been nominated for American Bartender of the Year at the Spirited Awards and named Best New Mixologist by Food & Wine magazine.

Boston’s best drink:

My favorite cocktail at the moment in Boston—outside of at Drink—is the Angie Valencia at the newly opened Blossom Bar.

First bartending job:

It was at a now-closed Irish bar in South Boston. To be honest, the name of the place escapes me. I am pretty sure they were closed down for running guns for the IRA. Much of my foundation and style behind the bar came from this weird little dive.

Favorite cocktail pairing:

My favorite food and cocktail pairing is, and probably always will be, a Cognac Sazerac with Gumbo Ya Ya.

Drinking destination:

My favorite place to get an after-shift drink right now is Lone Star Taco Bar in Cambridge. They have great late night tacos, lots of tequila shots, and amazing cider.

Dream customer:

Elon Musk. The guy is brilliant, and maybe he could build me a hyperloop to help me get to work faster.

Favorite drink to mix:

The one you like. To choose a favorite drink is like saying you have a favorite child. They all have their time and place.

Desert island drink:

I am very picky about my drinks, but if I could have only one drink for the rest of my life on an island it would have to be a Mojito made with unaged Calvados. It is seriously one of the best things you can drink while living.

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