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Cocktails have become so trendy that it sometimes feels like you need a PhD in booze to unravel the abstruse names of ingredients. It’s like every bartending hipster in the city is engaged in some kind of obscurity contest, and we’re trailing behind just trying to get a damn drink. In this context, the menu at Drink—or, the sign on the wall that looks like one—surprised us, with just four words: spirits, sugar, bitters, water.

Cocktail from Drink

Hmm. It’s the polar opposite menu-wise but induces a similar level of intimidation. Now you’re on the spot, expected to explain what you want to the bartender. What is a dream-come-true for cocktail aficionados can trigger panic attacks in novices—good thing the servers here are so awesome. After we stumbled through a vague list of attributes (“Uhh . . . gin, more bitter, sour, less sweet . . .”) our guy, a super-calm professor-looking dude with tiny glasses, said: “I know exactly what you want.” Cue sigh of relief; he knows us better than we know ourselves. Soon enough, some kind of man-bun-donning chemist brought out a drink that looked like something we sold at a lemonade stand in the early ’90s but tasted very grown-up: a concoction of lemon juice, gin, Campari, and Curaçao. Not too obscure, and exactly what we wanted.

Cheeseburger and cocktails from Drink

Yes, you come here to drink. But you also come here to try what is (no joke) one of the best burgers in Boston. The funny thing is that while the cocktails are completely customizable, the burger leaves no room for interpretation—nobody asks about cheese, sides, degree of doneness, etc. No matter. If the food menu was like the drink menu and we could invent our burger, we would’ve asked for it medium-rare and juicy as hell, with some silky orange American cheese, one single piece of unobtrusive lettuce (no tomato), a fresh toasted brioche bun, a mayonnaisey sauce, and something pickled. Because there is one best way to serve a burger; Drink knows it, and Drink nails it. To double the wow-factor they throw on an extra patty, because why not. It’s the kind of burger you never put down while eating, not only because it’s delicious but also because your plate will quickly be covered in a sea of oozing meat juice. Burger in the left hand, cocktail in the right: We can’t imagine any better way to spend an evening in Fort Point.

Cocktail from Drink

You might not think a cocktail goes well with a burger, but it can! Ask for the one called “Jasmin;” its sourness and (slight hint of) sweetness cuts through the burger’s fat ingeniously.

Don’t come expecting to sit at a table, because this place is basically one huge, maze-like bar.

No cocktail menu, but expect to pay about $13 for each one. (There’s also a well-curated wine and beer list.)

Must Haves

  • Skinny and tall and topped with a pickle, you’ll want to take photos of it before your carnivorous instincts take over.

  • Order with trust, drink with abandon.

Fun Fact

Finally, an establishment that understands one of the most important lifehacks of our times: if you put the lettuce under the meat patty in your burger, this protects your toasty bottom bun from getting totally dissolved by the meat juices. Brilliant!

Tastes of Drink

So good we can't stop writing about it. Read more about Drink!

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