Q&A: Jeff Pond of Area Four

Jill Goldman

Drawn to the Boston area by the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts, Jeff Pond rang in his restaurant career in the kitchen at No. 9 Park before traveling the continent as a private chef and eventually becoming chef de cuisine of Lumière. In 2011 Pond opened Area Four with Michael Krupp in the eponymous Cambridge neighborhood, where he serves as partner and executive chef to this day. Along the way Pond created his now-legendary 14-year-old sourdough starter, which still forms the foundation of every pizza he bakes.

Boston’s best dish:

Currently my favorite dish in Boston is the Clear Soup at Cafe Sushi. It’s made with a delicious smoky dashi broth, and it’s just ridiculous!

Guilty pleasure food:

The Cheeseburger at State Park is too good to pass up!

Kitchen playlist:

I’m currently listening to Matoma a lot in the kitchen.

Favorite food destination:

Montreal has some of the best food in the world.

Cooking inspiration:

My first career was in marriage and family therapy. My desire to cook still lies in connecting people around a table. I often take my work home with me and find that feasting around a table is much happier than the therapist’s couch.

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