#smashed · Boston Chops Downtown

Credit: Brian Samuels
By Eric Twardzik · 04/05/2019

“A great beginner whiskey cocktail” is how Chase Sutton, beverage manager of the Downtown Crossing location of Boston Chops, describes #smashed. The simple drink debuted six years ago with the opening of the first Boston Chops in the South End, and it won’t be leaving either spot’s menu anytime soon.

The drink follows the familiar whiskey smash formula of spirit, sugar, lemon, and herb. But while a traditional whiskey smash is muddled with mint, the Boston Chops variant swaps in basil leaves and a halved strawberry. Maple syrup is also used in place of simple syrup for a more well-rounded drinking experience.

“Rather than just having a straight sweetener like sugar that you don’t get much flavor from, the maple syrup adds more depth and dimension,” Sutton says.

For only undergoing a brief muddle in the shaker, the strawberry imparts a surprising amount of flavor (and a distinct reddish hue). The cocktail boasts big, juicy flavors from the fruit up front and an herbaceous note of basil at the end.

Many whiskey smashes are served over crushed ice, but this particular number is just fine over a couple of cubes—an easy swap in line with the cocktail’s signature spirit.

1½ ounces Four Roses Bourbon

¾ ounce lemon juice
¼ ounce maple syrup
1 strawberry, halved
2-3 basil leaves

Add ingredients to a shaker and muddle. Add ice and shake until chilled. Double strain into a rocks glass filled with fresh ice.

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