Where to Experience the Best Omakase in Boston

By Emily Millian
Best Takeout Sushi in Boston
Umami Omakase / Credit: Brian Samuels Photography

Directly translated from Japanese to “I’ll leave it up to you,” omakase is the quintessential rendition of a chef’s tasting menu. Sushi lovers seeking a blissful evening with no decision-making required, check out the best omakase dining in Boston.

Where to Experience the Best Omakase in Boston
Credit: Brian Samuels Photography

An absolute legend in the Boston sushi game, O Ya remains a crown jewel of the Boston dining scene, even 15 years following its debut. Known for beyond-stunning sushi, O Ya only offers an extravagant omakase experience: a 20-course, chef’s choice menu featuring sushi and sashimi as well as cooked dishes, from lightest to heaviest. Expect the unexpected, such as the deliciously different Potato Chip Nigiri with black truffle. There is an optional sake and beverage pairing as well. In a dark, minimalist room, the space is a perfect backdrop for the colorful, indulgent, James Beard award-winning bites to really get the attention they deserve. 

No Relation

No Relation sushi
Credit: Reagan Byrne Creative

Below street level, through the tropical cocktail oasis of Shore Leave, tucked away in an intimate room is No Relation. The (not-so) secret nine-seat sushi bar is led by Shore Leave chef Colin Lynch, who also of Bar Mezzana and Black Lamb. At No Relation, you’ll have a front-row seat to an inventive, 14-course omakase. Take it a step further and opt for beverage pairings of sake or wine, or splurge for the super-premium sake pairing to enhance this exclusive dining experience. Reservations are required and paid in advance; be sure to follow No Relation on Instagram for last-minute seat openings. 

Uni sushi
Credit: Chris McIntosh

Originally a small sushi bar within Ken Originer’s bygone fine-dining game-changer Clio, Uni came into its own several years ago. It’s always been a special place, serving the freshest seafood from Tokyo’s famed Tsukiji Market and from local New England fishermen. While the restaurant at the Eliot Hotel does not offer a traditional omakase experience, groups up to 12 people can dine at the semi-private, high-top Chef’s Table overlooking the bar for a family-style, prix-fixe tasting menu, personally curated by executive chef David Bazirgan and team. With innovations like Foie Gras Nigiri, sushi rolls like Spicy Negihama with gochujang-leek miso, and the legendary Maine Uni Spoon, this is an omakase meal you won’t soon forget. 

Momi Nomni

Momi Nomni - Best Takeout Sushi in Boston
Credit: Brian Samuels Photography

This cozy yet modern Japanese restaurant is an Inman Square destination for chef’s-choice sushi and top-shelf sake. Chef-owner Chris Chung takes monthly reservations at Momi Nonmi for nigiri omakase dinners ranging from 14 to 24 pieces, featuring high quality seafood from Japan and the U.S. Think: premium fish, uni, and Hokkaido scallops. Folks feeling extra adventurous (and ready to drop a pretty penny) can opt for the Jukusei (aged) Sushi Omakase, a specialty featuring cured and matured ingredients. For the most up-to-date dishes and last-minute omakase availability, be sure to check Instagram.

Umami Omakase

Umami Omakase sushi | Where to Experience the Best Omakase in Boston
Credit: Brian Samuels Photography

You know when it’s right there in the name, they mean business. At the Porter Square Japanese restaurant Umami Omakase, leave it to chef Gary Lei, an Uni alum, to take you on an 18-course culinary journey. From assorted sushi and sashimi to decadent Japanese A5 wagyu, each dish is presented exquisitely as it shows off fresh and flavorful ingredients. To go along with the tasting menu, there are sake flights with three, four, or five different sips—a treat for both sake lovers and novices alike. And for a fancy night in, omakase is available for takeout in a variety of sizes.

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