Where to Find Over-the-Top Large Format Cocktails

By Eric Twardzik

You can enjoy any cocktail with friends, but there are some that necessitate a team effort. We’re talking about large-format cocktails—the kind you order to start your big night out with a bang. Here’s where to find Boston’s most generously sized drinks, from classic Scorpion Bowls to gonzo creations strictly served to parties of four or more.


Bar at Hojoko

Even the cocktail menu at rock-themed Fenway izakaya Hojoko stays on brand, dubbing its large-format section “For the Band.” The mildest option is a Scorpion Bowl made with Privateer Silver Rum that serves two, while bigger offerings (available to parties of four or more) include the potent Jasper’s Rum Punch, which mixes overproof rum, lime, nutmeg, and amaro in a huge plastic jug filled with ice and crowned by a tiki torch, and the decadent and fruity Royal Waioli Punch, served in a giant cup with an upturned bottle of Champagne as garnish.



The swanky bar at Yvonne’s is something of a shrine to classy over-indulgence, so it should come as no surprise that XL cocktails are both available and over-the-top. A duo can partake in one of two “Tea Service” cocktails that arrive in a teapot on a tray, while four or more can sip large-format cocktails served in stunning crystal towers overflowing with fruity and floral garnishes (including a flaming lime cup).

The Baldwin Bar

This cocktail lounge from mixologist Ran Duan, located upstairs from his acclaimed Baldwin Bar in a historic Woburn mansion, doesn’t have a large-format cocktail on its menu. More accurately, The Baldwin & Sons Trading Co. has any large format cocktail on the menu. Parties from two to six can tell the bartender what spirits and flavors they like, then receive a custom-made drink served in an outrageous, oversized vessel like a wooden treasure chest or a copper swan.

Banyan Bar + Refuge

The large format game at pan-Asian gastropub Banyan Bar + Refuge is relegated to the classic Scorpion Bowl—but good ingredients set it apart. Whereas other Scorpions are made with sweetened, hangover-baiting juice mixes, Banyan prepares theirs with fresh squeezed orange and grapefruit juices, in addition to pineapple. A five spice-infused silver rum supplies the booze, and just enough 151 ensures there’s a flammable component, too.

Blue Dragon

Ming Tsai’s Fort Point Asian restaurant Blue Dragon swings into tiki mode for their serves-two offerings. The Dragon Bowl combines a house rum blend with passionfruit, cinnamon, and nut-free orgeat in a green porcelain bowl, while a classic Painkiller made from a rum blend with coconut, pineapple, and orange arrives in an oversized tiki glass that sometimes takes the form of a conch shell or pineapple.

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