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By Amy Fukuizumi · 01/05/2017    Cambridge (+) · Bakery · Cafe · $$

You might be tempted to brush off Tatte as a coffee chain. But after waiting in one of those epic lines and tasting any one of those fluffy creations, you’ll know what we know: Tatte is what dreams are made of.

Brunch from Tatte Bakery & Cafe

Born from the lifelong passion of self-trained, Tel Aviv-native pastry chef Tzurit Or, Tatte launched in 2007 out of Or’s home kitchen. She grew the business quickly: from small farmers market stands in Boston to today’s eight friendly, rustically decorated brick-and-mortar cafes spanning neighborhoods in Boston, Brookline, and Cambridge.

Days at Tatte begin with cases and counters stacked and packed with croissants, brioche, buns, breads, tarts, twists, meringues, muffins, cookies, cakes, and rolls. Shelves are lined with granola, biscotti, and other quick-grab sweet treats, while espresso machines await, ready to whir out one carefully crafted, photogenic cappuccino after another.

Croissants from Tatte Bakery & Cafe

By mid-morning (or earlier), pastry selections dwindle and the shelves begin to clear— but the same cannot be said for the lines. No need to worry: The kitchens of these shops churn out plenty of other hot and fresh Tatte-style goodies. Sandwiches served on house-made bread, salads, and other plated specialties (think: shakshuka, tartine, pancakes) can be whipped up and brought to your table—or packed to go.

From open until close you’ll find each Tatte bustling with a hurried, social, open-market energy. Students, tourists, professionals, floaters, moms, and dads—they all gather in the soft, warm, and white communal spaces to share food, drink, and free-flowing conversation. Get there early, take in the scene, and enjoy Tatte’s sweet taste.

Shakshuka from Tatte Bakery & Cafe

We know you’re wondering, but don’t fret—we’ve got you. It’s pronounced “tah-tay.”

Brunch is everything. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday it’s available all day.

From housemade granola to cookie assortments to shakshuka-themed swag, Tatte’s online shop offers some quality giftable goods.


Must Haves

  • We usually spring for one of the giant, airy almond or pistachio-stuffed croissants-plus a hunk of Monkey Bread, a fluffy dose of cinnamon-sugar goodness.

  • A colorful mix of avo, arugula and tomato wedged into one of Tatte's famously flaky croissants, with an egg cooked just how you want it.

  • Tatte's take on this classic Middle Eastern salad-sprinkled with za'atar croutons-is simple, fresh, crunchy perfection.

  • Who doesn't love a B.L.A.T.? This one's perfectly proportioned, with a layer of turkey that doesn't overwhelm and a generous dose of avocado.

Fun Fact

Tzurit Or, owner of Tatte, holds a degree in management and communications and was an acclaimed film producer in Israel for 12 years. When she moved to the US in 2003, she refocused her energy into her love of baking and soon after founded Tatte.

Tatte Bakery & Cafe

Other Locations

  • 1288 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge
  • 200 Pier Four Boulevard, Boston, USA
  • 70 Charles Street, Boston
  • 318 Third Street, Cambridge
  • 101 Main Street, Cambridge
  • 1288 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge 02138, USA
  • 1352 Boylston Street, Boston, USA
  • 399 Boylston Street, Boston, USA
  • 1003 Beacon Street, Brookline, USA
  • 369 Huntington Avenue, Boston, USA
  • 420 Harvard St, Brookline 02446, USA
  • 160 Massachusetts Ave, Boston 02115, USA
  • 40 Warren St, Boston 02129, USA
  • 345 Harrison Ave, Boston 02118, USA
  • 125 Summer St, Boston 02111, USA
  • 201 Washington St, Boston 02201, USA

Tastes of Tatte Bakery & Cafe

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