Pros Only Series: An Intimate Dinner with the Collaborators ft. Red's Best

Row 34
Fort Point | 6 - 9 PM
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Row 34 will be launching a new dining series called “Professionals Only” which features the vendors and seafood purveyors who make Row 34 one of the best seafood restaurants in Boston. This dinner with feature the founder and owner of Red’s Best Seafood, Jared Auerbach. In our podcast episode with Row 34 Head Chef Jeremy Sewall, he talks about the importance of sustainable sourcing and specifically about the great work Red’s Best does. Together, they will create a delicious family-style meal including appetizers (like red fish ceviche), a first and second course (like spicy mussel stew and grilled swordfish), sides (like brown butter cauliflower), and a dessert. Tickets: $125 including dinner, beer, wine, tax, and gratuity.

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