Pickling and Canning 101

Formaggio Kitchen Classroom Annex
Cambridge | 6:30 PM

Save the tastes of summer for winter and come learn how to pickle and can your favorite summer veggies to save for later! Formaggio Kitchen’s GM Julia Hallman (a home pickling expert) will be showing you her favorite pickling recipes and how to match spices, vegetables, and brines. When you leave, you will know how to make quick pickles, shelf-stable pickles, canned tomatoes, and a few other preserved veggies. Even better, she’ll send you home with your own pickle kit so you can start right pickling right away! Note that the class is not held at the Formaggio Kitchen Retail store but rather at their Classroom Annex (see address to the right).

Formaggio Kitchen Classroom Annex

67 Smith Pl, Cambridge 02138, USA

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