Jam Making 101

Formaggio Kitchen Classroom Annex
Cambridge | 6:30 PM

If you like fresh spreadable fruit that you made yourself, then this class will be your jam. Come learn from Formaggio Kitchen GM, jam buyer, and homemade jam expert Julia Hallman how to make jam from start to finish. In this class, through making both traditional and unusual jams, you will learn about various topics like the preparation of the raw fruit, how to cook your jam, and then how to jar it. You’ll get to try several of the jams (plus accompaniments) to help educate your palate as well. Last but not least, you will get your own jam kits to bring home, including all the ingredients and jarring tools needed to make your first batch of jam at home. Note that the class is not held at the Formaggio Kitchen Retail store but rather at their Classroom Annex (see address to the right).

Formaggio Kitchen Classroom Annex

67 Smith Pl, Cambridge 02138, USA

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