Hands on Cooking Class: Unique Cuisine of Sicily

Eataly Boston
Back Bay | 12 - 2 PM

While Italy is a small country relative to the US, in the same way we have regional cuisines, Italy has 20 unique “micro-countries”, each with its own history, culture, food, and wine. Sicily is heavily influenced by many cultures beyond Italy including Greek, Spanish, French, and Arab cultures. Caponata, a mixture of eggplant, tomatoes, and pappers and topped with a sweet-sour sauce and crushed almonds is a Sicilian dish that best encapsulates the complexity of Sicily. In this Eataly cooking class, you will cook several Sicilian dishes, each paired with a wine. The hands-on class will be led by La Scuola’s chef and then the wine will be presented by an Eataly sommelier. Tickets $125.

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