Demerara: Vegan Guyanese Pop-Up at Mei Mei

Mei Mei
Fenway | 5:30 P.M. and 7:30 P.M.
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To say it lightly, Vegan Guyanese is an underrepresented cuisine in Boston. Come get your fix with Demerara, a Guyanese pop-up taking up a one-night residency at Mei Mei on July 29th. Join in a meal that celebrates Guyana’s rich tapestry of South American, South Asian, West African, and indigenous cuisines. Dishes include Pickled Mango with Veggie Chow-Mein Noodles, Hand-clapped Roti with Chana Potato Curry, and more. Beer and wine will be available a la carte from Mei Mei’s bar. Tickets $35.

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