Brioche & Sticky Buns Class at Flour

TriMark Innovation Center (Innovation Design Building)
Seaport | 10 AM - 1 PM

Are we the only ones that dream about the Flour Bakery Pecan Sticky Buns? We didn’t think so. But now you can take your baked goods game to the next level by learning how to make them at home! At this Brioche & Sticky Buns class hosted in the new Flour Classroom, you will learn how to work with brioche dough and how to turn it into delicious sticky buns. In addition to the understanding you will gain to make them at home, you’ll also get to bring home the dough and stuck buns you make in class! Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to tell your friends that you learned how to make sticky buns from the sticky bun masters at Flour!

TriMark Innovation Center (Innovation Design Building)

21 Drydock Ave, Boston 02210, USA

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