BeerAdvocate's Belgian Beer Fest

South End | Varies
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Celebrate a brewing tradition nearly as old as beer itself at BeerAdvocate’s Belgian Beer Fest. Sponsored by The Lost Abbey, Craft Beer Cellar, and Spiegelau, this event brings together dozens of brewers pouring a variety of authentic Belgian ales and American interpretations. The Belgian Beer Fest will be hosted in the historic Cyclorama at the Boston Center of the Arts over the course of two days. On Friday, June 22nd is the Night of Funk which is dedicated to beers made with wild yeast and bacteria such as funky saisons and sours. On Saturday, June 23rd is the Day of Inspired Ales featuring over 30 brewers pouring a variety of Belgian and Belgian-style ales over the course of two sessions (12-3:30pm and 6:00-9:30pm). Tickets cost $65-$75 and include beer tastings and Govino glassware.

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