Chauncey Creek Lobster Pier

A postcard from Vacationland.

By Catherine Smart

Maine’s “The Way Life Should Be” slogan could have been born of a lobster dinner on this picturesque pier. The Spinney family has been serving seafood here since the 1930s, and customers flock in by car and boat bearing picnic baskets and bottles of wine, ready to take in the scenery and crack some claws. In addition to Boiled Lobster, don’t miss Steamed Clams (steamers) or the Fresh Crab Roll. A “For The Landlubbers” section of the menu ensures picky eaters can take in the scenery with Chicken Tenders or Individual Pizzas, while everyone will enjoy rich Chauncey Cheesecake served by the slice. The menu is about all that’s changed since Ron Spinney laid out those first picnic tables on the pier; the view, the vibe, and the feel of cool crackers in your hand and warm drawn butter on your chin is timeless.

Chauncey Creek Lobster Pier

16 Chauncey Creek Rd, Kittery, Kittery Point, ME

  • Must Have

Boiled Lobster

Truly, it’s what you’re here for.

  • Insider Tip

This spot is BYOB (Tributary Brewing sells growlers just down the street). Plus, they’re cool with you bringing in any food that’s not sold on premises.

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