Rebecca Strong

A professional singer, musician, and UFC-trained boxer, Rebecca’s journalism experience is fittingly eclectic: She’s covered topics ranging from technology and education to style, beauty, and fitness. Feature reporting for TFL represents her first foray into food journalism, but it’s hardly an unfamiliar topic. “Food always played such a prominent role in my best memories,” she says.

Growing up, the Connecticut native’s fisherman father instilled in her a love of seafood, which has flourished in her now-home of Boston. That’s why anytime she celebrates—from landing her first writing job to graduating from a Master’s program—you’ll find her indulging in the city’s best coastal delights, preferably at Island Creek Oyster Bar. “Their wine list is thoughtfully crafted, and the vibe is open and airy,” she says, offering a word of warning: “Did I mention the biscuits? They’re deadly.”

Fun Fact

Rebecca’s favorite food memory involves a homemade banana birthday cake with maple frosting.

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