Oishii Too

It’s implied by this Japanese spot’s name: even out here in Metrowest, you can have your sushi and eat it, too. And it can be just as fresh and refined as your urbanite neighbors’; each dish leaves us awestruck, with flavorful and artistic combinations arranged to enhance the food’s natural beauty.

Wagyu beef from Oishii Too

Chef Kung San is no novice. After training at NYC’s esteemed Nobu, he and brother-in-law Ting Yen opened Oishii’s Boston location in 1998. The immediate popularity of that original 12-seater quickly motivated the opening of this slightly bigger outpost in Sudbury’s Mill Village, and later, a sushi bar in Chestnut Hill. Unlike Boston’s swankier sushi establishments (think O Ya, Uni), Oishii’s outposts are places you can feel cozy without straining to see your nigiri in the candlelight—ideal for date nights, business lunches, or just a solo refuel after a long day. Solid sushi that manages to continually push the envelope without overdoing it.

Sushi from Oishii Too

Start with a Crispy Rice Salad. Its tantalizing spiciness keeps you enticed—and gives you more reason to wash it all down with sake. If you aren’t ready to dive into the raw stuff, the Wagyu Beef, with its Kobe morsels dipped in delectable sauce and cooked right at the table, yields surefire head-nodding approval. Need an approachable sushi intro? Paula’s Maki—an invigorating mix of salmon, tuna, wasabi, roe, and avocado wrapped in a lemon bow—is a refreshing citrusy gift.

Oishii is not only fun to say—it’s also a delicious gem. Wait, did we even mention that the name translates to a cross between “delicious” and “enjoyable?” Now it all makes sense, doesn’t it?

Sushi from Oishii Too

Oishii Too will create just about any custom Maki Roll to make you happy. Just ask. Waiters recommend “The Maki” as the ultimate treat.

Beer lovers should order a Hitachino Nest from Kiuchi Brewery. Its unique notes of cedar makes this Japanese classic a standout.

For those midday sushi or tonkatsu cravings, Oishii Too serves lunchbox specials from Tuesday to Friday.

Must Haves

  • Classics like tuna and scallop intermingle with surprises like porcini-infused EVOO and the perfect amount of spiciness.

  • We don’t know who Paula is, but we like her maki.

  • Crispy salmon skin, green sprouts, and fresh cucumber wrapped to perfection.

  • That marbled meat perfection gently marinated in soy sauce, ginger, garlic, black pepper, and a pinch of sugar merits the splurge required for Oishii’s most elegant dish.

Fun Fact

Wagyu beef, hailing from one of four native Japanese cow breeds, is the most expensive, most highly-marbled beef in the world.

Tastes of Oishii Too

So good we can't stop writing about it. Read more about Oishii Too!

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