Bondir Cambridge

Where do we go when we’re looking for a creative, comfortable, intimate dinner? Bondir in Cambridge. Whether for a special occasion or a casual meet up with friends, the 28-seat French-countryside-styled dining room, nestled in an otherwise residential neighborhood, offers us an experience that in some ways feels like just going home.

Interior from Bondir Cambridge

Opened in 2010 by chef-owner Jason Bond, the inviting Bondir can easily be mistaken for a well-decorated cottage living room instead of a highly acclaimed restaurant. A raised hearth fireplace anchors the waiting area, freshly cut flowers grace every table, dried flower wreaths adorn the walls, and simple, soft lights hang from the ceiling. But—unless you’re also a James Beard Awards semifinalist chef—you’ll quickly realize what Bondir offers that a simple cottage living room can’t: course after course of innovative, regional, and delicately plated food combinations.

Afraid you won’t know what to order? Fear not! Bondir offers a five-course tasting menu that ensures you’ll get all the fresh, locally sourced, seasonal fare they’re preparing that day. From handpicked salad greens and charred zucchini to fried crab and fermented kale, each course will take your taste buds places they may have never been.

Risotto with truffles from Bondir Cambridge

Not sure what to drink? Browse the beer and wine list for domestic and international selections. Or take all the guess work out of it and ask for the full wine pairing. We did just that and saw each course met with its liquid soul mate.

We’re sure it won’t be hard to savor each bite delivered to your table, but we recommend paying extra attention because the menu changes frequently. It’s a wonderful trait that allows Bondir to showcase all this region has to offer—but sometimes leaves us longing for that tender piece of striped bass or that refreshing cucumber sorbet.

Dessert from Bondir Cambridge

In the winter the front fireplace is lit, making for a cozy waiting area that can also be requested as a private dining space.

Bond has taken his farm-to-table ethos to the next level with Bondir Gardens, a farm in Carlisle. In warmer seasons, his Cambridge restaurant is the place to celebrate harvest season by sampling an impressive range of heirloom fruits and veggies at their peak.

There’s no liquor license here—yet. (Owner-chef Jason Bond is working on it!)

Must Haves

  • Order it as-is and delve into a five-plus course lineup of local delectables that fits seamlessly into the season.

Fun Fact

The sourdough bread served before the meal is made daily using a starter that has followed chef Jason Bond throughout his career.

Tastes of Bondir Cambridge

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